Where I play and learn

A child’s first years are crucial for good character development. We try to provide a positive environment for them to develop successfully.

With small groups we achieve an individual, personalized and constant observation by the educator; in this way the student is known in his character, qualities, and possible difficulties.

Our educational model is focused on students, so the contents of the programs are adapted according to their progress, pace and daily needs. Games are used as an authentic childhood activity that favors natural learning.

Through learning scenarios and organized spaces within the classroom, we want our students to get excited about continuous learning and the permanent development of their skills, as a challenge and an adventure for a lifetime.

Body and Psychomotor Development

Our students’ motor skills of coordination, control, and movement grow through free play activities, organized play, physical exercise, and psychomotor development classrooms. This fosters the balanced development of the body frame that enables them to recognize their physical abilities and grant them security.

The Good Shepherd Cathecism

Through weekly encounters, students explore the Word of God. They discover that they were created by God, their Father, and gain certainty that Christ, who will protect and give His life for them, loves them unconditionally. They will also learn about Mary and the saints and will be introduced to the liturgy of our Church.

The Highlands School – Quito

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