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Protective Environments

In the Regnum Christi network of schools, the integral safety of our students is a top priority. For this reason, we have a policy, rules, and procedures that guide and direct the entire educational community in order to promote a protective and safe environment where the dignity of all is respected and promoted through promotion and prevention strategies in the face of potential situations that may harm children and adolescents in relation to:

  • Risk of sexual affective situations (suspected cases of sexual abuse, grooming, sexting, and pornography).
  • Mental health risks.
  • Serious school coexistence situations.
  • Violation of rights.
  • Among other situations that pose a high risk to their integrity.

It is important to keep in mind that all schools have professionals to address these situations; therefore, we invite you to follow the regular channels of the institution to facilitate an integral support.

The Highlands School Quito
The Highlands School Quito

The schools in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador have a Responsible for Protective Environments who works closely with them. In case additional support is needed or if you have any concerns or messages related to any of the possible situations of harm to minors in the school, we encourage you to contact us.

+57 310 710 1196