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We offer close accompaniment to each of our Primary students so that they develop the skills and competencies necessary to achieve the best version of themselves and accomplish their transition to Middle School.

The Highlands School Quito
The Highlands School Quito

We encourage the autonomy of our students and support their interests and initiatives while they develop their personalities. We promote voice and choice in an environment that stimulates their talents, leadership, creativity, teamwork, communication skills and critical thinking.

The Highlands School Quito
The Highlands School Quito

Our Literacy Model

We use approaches that allow students to develop their reading and writing processes in a
challenging and stimulating environment. 70% of the subjects are taught using English
immersion. We use the Fountas and Pinnell balanced literacy program as the perfect
complement to our methodology. This program allows our children to access engaging reading
according to age and level, accompanying their growth and learning processes.

Time for Reflection and Accompaniment

At the Elementary level, students develop their social skills to the fullest. We accompany this process, guiding our students through preventive actions that teach them practically how to improve their relationships with peers. We use stories that open discussions. We give examples according to their age and retell experiences that are relatable to their daily experience.

Our teachers constantly reflect with the children, guiding them to foster healthy and lasting friendships.

The Highlands School Quito
The Highlands School Quito

Autonomy and Interests

We continuously work with our students to foster their autonomy, allowing them to experience ownership of their learning processes. This sovereignty enables them to search for and use the tools they need for success.

We encourage critical questioning that allows the information they obtain in their environment to become something valuable and meaningful to them. Many of the projects are based on their interests, offering voice and choice and allowing them to experience different research tools to find those that give them the best results depending on their objectives.

The Highlands School Quito

Development of
Logical-Mathematical Skills:

We utilize the Problem-Solving approach to Math, which encourages students to visualize mathematics as a useful and entertaining tool. Students are faced with challenges that interest them. This approach motivates learning and the desire to apply knowledge to different situations. Students use examples from everyday life while being introduced to mathematical concepts with the help of concrete material to engage their different learning styles.