Elementary School

Skills-based learning

Our main objective is to prepare competent young people for life, capable of acting effectively in any situation. For this, children need not only knowledge, but also specific skills, abilities, and attitudes necessary for their academic, personal, and social performance.

Emphasis on Strategic Learning

The teacher intervenes in the student’s training as a mediator and facilitator, giving the student the necessary tools for self-learning. Students become active protagonists of their learning. The fundamental learning strategies we rely on are problem-based learning, cooperative learning, and research projects.

Environments for Knowledge

They are concrete and virtual tools that seek to provide enriching learning experiences through diverse spaces and materials, whose learning methodology is based on discovery, exploration, experimentation and play, thus accommodating the initiative, curiosity, and active work of the students.

Our program encompasses an international vision of educational content and techniques.

The curricular axes are:

  • Development of skills and intelligence.
  • Leadership training based on values ​​from the first years.
  • Emphasis on strategic learning (learn to learn).
  • Emphasis on learning environments.
  • Emphasis on physical and sports education.
  • Musical and artistic sensitivity.
  • Care and preservation of the environment.
  • Psychopedagogical support services.

The Highlands School – Quito

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