Educational Model

We use active methodologies in which the student is the center of learning. We develop skills and competencies through projects.

We offer an advanced immersion program to develop reading and writing in two languages.

Starting in 6th Grade, our students receive Italian as a third language.

School Methodology

Our cutting-edge academic program educates students in learning to learn and think.  The Sunrise Program™, followed by all RC schools, allows our students to learn in a fun and committed way to reflect, analyze, synthesize, think critically and create, maximizing their abilities through engagement in projects and active learning.

Educational Model by Competences

Our competency-based academic program allows students to relate what they learn in school with what they confront in their daily lives; this allows them to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. This way of teaching helps students view themselves as part of the solution and as good people who act not only for their benefit but also for that of others.

Competency education focuses on learning. We believe that learning is the primary responsibility of the student. We are oriented to projecting the student as the main protagonist of their learning process, guided and motivated by a teacher who will encourage him to give his maximum effort to develop his highest potential. To achieve this, different tools are used, such as project-based learning, collaborative work challenges, real-life problem-solving scenarios, robotics, and lab experimentation.

Personal Attention

We understand that the interests, preferences and motivations of all students are different. We promote respectful teaching considering the diversity of rhythms and paths that our students follow in their learning process to accomplish this. Our methodology tries to adjust, as much as possible, to individual differences.

We believe that teaching, motivating, and guiding each student should vary in the method according to each learning style. In this way, we enhance student learning; we adapt the form and dynamics of what they are taught in the classroom, depending on the students’ interests and level.


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